Old World Cone Company
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The Belgian Waffle

It's Sensational!
It's big, beautiful and bursting with flavor. Covered with your customer's favorite topping, the Belgian Waffle's light, crisp texture and delicate taste is a guaranteed palate pleaser!

No-Mess Batter!
The No-Mess batter mixes in seconds. Our specially formulated batter is pre-mixed, so there’s no wasted time and no perishables to store.Just add water and you’re done.

The Belgian Waffle mix is made with all natural ingredients. Our mixes contain no preservatives or other chemical additives.

Customers will love the taste of a fresh Belgian Waffle. The fresh baked aroma of our waffles will pull people off the street and into your store. And because of the higher unit sales, you can increase your profits by 30% or more