Old World Cone Company
12602 1st Ave S
Seattle WA 98168

The Walking Taco Cone
Freshly baked taco taste in a cone!

The Incredible Taste!
Customers just can’t resist the taste of a freshly baked Walking Taco Cone. The great taste will bring them back again and again!

Amazingly Easy!
The Walking Taco Cone is premixed, so there’s no wasted time and no perishables to store. It’s unique cone shape allows you to make a tasty meal in just seconds.

The Walking Taco Cone is made with all natural ingredients. Our mixes contain no preservatives or chemical additives!

This new taste sensation will have customers coming back for more. And because the Walking Taco Cone is so convenient for you to make and for your customer to eat, it can quickly become a favorite for everyone.